Meeting Information and Registration

The Meeting:
Last Updated 7/14/16

Every Tuesday evening - 7:30pm MST
This meeting is a hybrid meeting (phone-in and in person)
(more meetings will be scheduled as the need arises)

Meeting Registration:

If you would like to attend, please send the following information to HTCwomensgroup (at) gmail (dot) com:
  • Name: (real, or pseudo)
  • Email: (this email address will be visible to the facilitators of the group and will be used to email step updates and important meeting information. If you are concerned about anonymity, it is suggested you create an email address that does not identify you.)
  • Location: (Simply listing the state is sufficient. This information is simply used to see how far the Healing Hearts Through Christ meetings are reaching. Also - please indicate if you live in Northern Utah and would like to attend the meeting in person.)
  • Questions/comment: If you have any thoughts to express or questions that need answering.

We strive to reply within 48 hours. If you have not heard back by then, please try again.

Whether you call in or attend in person, the step will be sent to you each week.

**We ask that you keep all Healing Through Christ 12-Step material strictly confidential. We want to avoid having multiple versions of the material floating around as much as possible. 

Any information/comments/inquiries we receive via email or during the actual meeting will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Thank you!  

**The Healing Through Christ workbook (for the sexual addict) is currently being written and is not yet available for download on the Healing Through Christ website.  Once you register, we will send you updated step content before each scheduled meeting.